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The product is of very high quality, and I'm very happy with it. However the delivery service could be improved. The customer service team, were very nice and prompt with answering my emails, but they couldnt tell me where my board was or on what date it would be delivered, which is not a ""tracked"" service.


Glassboard Ambience Series: Beautiful design

Durable printed glassboards
Competitively priced!
Virtually any planner
Custom design possible!

Glassboard Ambience Series: Beautiful design

Our Glass Series Ambience product line, consists of magnetic glassboards already preprinted with a stylish and decorative design. These boards have all the characteristics and all functionality of our Planning Series or Colour Series, but have a more distinguishing look. Real eye-catchers in every room, office or  hall!

Are you looking for a certain type of print or design that is not listed here? Please contact our sales department, since we can print anything on our glassboards. As we show with this line of Ambience glassboards, even the highest resolution photos are possible.

Note: please be aware that our glassboards are only compatible with extra strong glassboard magnets. 

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